2000 metres in my new speedo!

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Oh yeah, yesterday I bought my first speedo swimwear, and it looks more or less like this, just that mine is white. So after two days without any exercise, today I was very ready to set a new personal record; to swim 2000 metres. Surprisingly it really was not any problem at all, and I am very satisfied with myself. Though, I probably should mention that it took me an hour to finish (including a toilet break after the first 1000 m), impressed? :P

Except for the pool session I have spent the day inside, not doing anything special. Just showering, washing clothes, reading newspapers, checking some things in the internet and eating a good lunch. My first lunch dish was guacamole, a crisp bread and a carrot. But since I was still hungry I also had a portion of oat porridge. My first oat porridge in Singapore! So it really was time for it now, since I back home in Norway eat it almost every day.

My oat porridge was made with milk, oats, almonds, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, raisins and some dried cranberries.

And I served it with more cinnamon ( I love cinnamon!) and fresh mango. A real tasty and healthy lunch! :)

Today I have actually been in Singapore for a month; I have to say that these weeks have gone very fast, as always ;) Because of this I had planned a little sum up of my impression and experience of Singapore compared to my expectations and so forth. But looking at the time, I can see that this is not happening today, I have to go and catch the bus soon, I am meeting Desmond for dinner at 7.45 pm. I had also planned to send some mails today, since I finally have got some mail addresses. You see I can not activate my facebook account again, I do not know what has happened. Also, my student mail address is not working anymore. And then I have gotten myself a gmail account instead of my old hotmail. So now that I have some more addresses I look forward to have more contact and hear how you my friends are doing. But since I had a very inefficient day, you have to wait to Monday before anyone start receiving any mails.

Not so much has happened this week. On Thursday I went to The Ministry of Manpower to hear about my possibilities to work here in Singapore. It seems like if I find someone that wants to hire me I probably can get a work permit. But a future employer must apply for my work permit and this is a little troublesome process, and it will take 4-6 weeks to get to know if I get it or not, and also companies can not hire as many foreigners as they want to. So I have to find someone that wants to hire me even though it gives them some extra paper work, and who has not filled up their quota for foreigners, and then I have to wait for 4-6 weeks before I get the work permit and can start working. And since I, after one month of holiday here, have started to feel a little bored and a need to be useful, I today have been looking at different volunteering possibilities. I have to look some more, and hopefully i can find something meaningful to do soon.

Yesterday I went to the National Museum of Singapore, which was very interesting. No, now time is running out here, so i have to stop writing and go the bus. Tomorrow we are going to Pulau Ubin, a trip I really look forward to! Hopefully the weather will be nice. It has been raining a lot the last days. Especially yesterday. I was stuck in the museum for almost two hours after I was done there, because it was raining heavily and I did not have an umbrella.

Have a very nice weekend everyone! :)

7 Responses to “2000 metres in my new speedo!”

  1. Sindre Says:

    Maina å hugsa du nemnde at Desmond og hadde Speedo..
    Speedo-swim-date next.

  2. Mette Says:

    Får håpa du snart finne noko å gjera på! Kan skjønna at det blir litt kjedeleg i lengden å ikkje ha jobb; spesielt når Desmond e på job heile dagen!

    Eg har kosa meg på Røvhaugane i 2 dagar ilag med gutta mine;-)Det har vært rundt 15 minus om mårningane, men eg har faktisk greidd å holda ganske bra varmen! Kjøpte meg dunjakke og gode varme vottar på onsdag:-)


  3. Desmond Says:

    Sure, but only if you and Jeanett join us. Double Speedo-swim-date.

  4. Sindre Says:

    Problem is..:
    If people actually notice that we are doing this whole double Speedo-swim-date thing, they might think it’s a good idea.

    Soon enough the streets and restaurants of Singapore will be filled with people walking around in there Speedos. It would be a disaster.

    So for the sake of humanity, let’s keep our Speedos nicely tucked away :)

  5. Ann Kristin Says:

    Hahahaha.. :D
    Oh yeah, min kjære e ein ikkje flau eigar og brukar av ein “herleg” speedo, so me e eit hot par, ingen tvil om da, trur nesten eg mÃ¥ leggja ut eit bilde av oss, i speedo og badehetta :P

  6. Sindre Says:

    Snakk om Ã¥ pirra fansen dao…

  7. Ann Kristin Says:


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