A late HAPPY NEW YEAR from me! :)

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Nine days of the year 2010 have already passed, and finally I am wishing you, my beloved readers, a happy new year. I see that my last post was written the 19th of November, so I guess I am starting off this year as inefficiently as I ended the last, unfortunately my habit of delaying things seems to be coming with me into 2010.. Well, enough about that ;P


As an attempt to please my non-norwegian-speaking-friends I’ll try my best and write this post in english. I am not yet sure if I will write more posts in english, it depends on the response I guess. If not, this page can be used to translate: http://translate.google.com

Since I have been studying in Ghana the last semester, the blog posts have been all about me, to keep friends and family updated. I will now give a short summary of my last month in Africa, and then the blog will go back to also be about more important  and interesting things.

When my last post was written my semester at the University of Ghana was coming to an end. I had a study week, which I spent traveling. My first exam was Tuesday the 24th of November, and the last exam friday the 4th of December, so I had six exams in eleven days. Therefore, when I woke up Monday the 23rd not feeling very well, I was not particularly happy.. I ended up spending the whole day in a hospital bed because of an intestinal infection, it was a horrible day. They actually wanted to keep me in the hospital for the night, but since I had an exam at 7.30 am the next day they allowed me to leave. Luckily I managed to write all my exams, and I also passed them all.

Suddenly my semester in Ghana was over, and I was having mixed feelings about that. As always I thought that the time had gone too fast, and I was not happy to realize that my stay in Africa was soon over. At the same time I of course very much looked forward to two weeks of holiday before flying back home to Norway.

Early Sunday morning the 6th of December I left Accra by bus. 13 hours later the bus arrived at the bus station in Abidjan in Ivory Coast. The next day I took a plane to Dakar in Senegal. There I stayed eight nights in N’gor Surfcamp. I really had a great time there, surfing almost every day. I even tried to surf the famous N’gor right, though only on the inside, it was way to big for me out there. I had many many wipe outs, and a few good waves :) Other spots I surfed were Virage and Secret, that is the spots for beginners and intermediate beginners as me.

After eight awesome days in Senegal I flew back to Ivory Coast, there I met  Bob from the U.S., Desmond from Singapore and Moritz from Germany; friends that I have been hanging out with a lot during my time in Ghana. We stayed one night in Abidjan, one in Grand Bassam and two in Assini, and we had a great time. 

Then we headed back to Ghana. The border crossing was really nice, bumping up and down in the back of a pick up on a dust road along the beach. My last three nights in Ghana I spent in Busua. Back in Accra I just went to the nice fair trade shop Global Mamas to buy some gifts, then to campus to get my things, and then to the airport.

At 09.30 am Tuesday the 22nd I was enjoying the heat from the sun, the sound of the waves and the nice seaview at the beautiful beach in Busua. 24 hours later I was happily reunited with my family, looking out on the beautiful snow-covered norwegian landscape, and kind of enjoying the cold.

After eleven wonderful days of christmas holiday back home in Hafslo, I went to Oslo again. Here I am now, studying the last semester of my bachelor degree in public nutrition.

9 Responses to “A late HAPPY NEW YEAR from me! :)”

  1. D Says:

    Nice! You finally wrote it…
    I’m looking forward to reading more such english posts. :)

  2. Ann Kristin Says:

    Well, one comment is not enough to make me guarantee more english posts.
    On the other hand, it’s one positive comment and none negative… ;P

  3. Mette Says:

    Kanskje du ikkje får so mange kommentarar fordi dei faste lesarane dine ikkje forstår engelsk ;-)

  4. mamma Says:

    Hei.Jeg er ikke så flink i engelsk,men klarer nå å få med meg det meste av det du skriver.men mamman din vil jo helst at du skriver norsk.Men du har jo sikkert mange venner som synes det er fint om du skriver engelsk.Ha en fin kveld.Snakkes til helgen

  5. Sindre Says:

    Ho gamle mor kan bruka translate.google.com ho og.

    I think you should start writing all your posts in english :)

  6. Deniz Says:

    Nu förväntar vi att du skriver på turkiska också :P
    yeni yılın kutlu olsun…

  7. Moritz Says:

    hehe, and you wanted to train your German I’ve heard ;)

  8. Joao Miguel Says:

    Happy New 2010 !!!

    You did it! An english language post! Yes!

    Not that I do not know how to speak norwegian. No! It is such an easy language to learn :)
    Who does not know how to distinguish the sound of “Skj” and “Kj”?

    Anyway, for the others :) please, from time to time, write something in english.

    It is time to start learning norwegian:

  9. Joao Miguel Says:

    small gestures will feed big dreams:


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